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For renewing WGJAFC players

The deadline to renew your registration for Youth players - U12s to U17s – is 10th Feb. If you have trouble renewing by this date, please email the Club Registrar.  Juniors can renew anytime up until and including March.

Check your email - you should have received an email titled "Invitation to re-register"  The link contained in the email will take you straight to your child/ren's details.  Please check all details are correct and follow the prompts to complete the renewal.

If you have not received at least one renewal notice, please check your email junk or spam folder.  

If the link has expired (it only lasts two weeks) you can use the "Register Now" button below but sign in using your email address and the password from last year (there is a Forgot Password button if you need).  Do not sign in as a new player as that will create two players of the same name and birth date.  If you do not remember or no longer have access to the email used last year, please send the following details - the new email address you wish to use, your child's full name, their date of birth and your full name to the club registrar, Donna at donna.telfer@gorillas.com.au

For players new to AFL

If your child has not played AFL at a club before click this button: 

Follow the prompts to complete a new registration using your email address and a password of your choice.

Please attach a proof of age document (birth certificate/passport) when prompted to complete the registration online.  This can be any official document that shows both your child's full name and date of birth.  You can use a photo from your smart phone or a scan of the original document.  Continue through to the payment page to complete the registration.

For players transferring from another club

If you played footy for another club both within and outside Queensland, please fill out the transfer form and email a scan or photo of it back to the club registrar at donna.telfer@gorillas.com.au

Please note that all transfers within Australia are on hold until 1st Feb. Please send in your paperwork and the transfer will be processed after this date.

All transfers within Queensland will close on 30th April.

Past, past WG players – ie did not register in 2019.

For 2020 only - all players who had previously been a member of Wilston Grange but did not play in 2019, for whatever reason i.e. did not register at all, transferred to another club or deregistered.  You will need to transfer to the new AFLQ database as only the 2019 players were automatically moved across.

Please email the Registrar the above form stating Wilson Grange JAFC to Wilston Grange JAFC.

Problems with registering?

Check out our Frequency Asked Questions on our parent’s page here

Fees and Age Groups


2.5 to 4 years old, Fee $50.  Registration via the AFLQ website https://www.aflq.com.au/kinderkick/


Open age, up to 14 years old, Fee $80.  Registration via nabAuskick website


Roy’s Footy (also known as Superstars Footy)

All participants must register for Auskick to be eligible for Roy’s.  You can do Auskick first and then see if you want to continue into the Roys program.

Fees are $80 for Auskick (see above) plus $50 for Roy’s so the total is $130.

From 1st Jan 2015 to 30th June 2015, all of 2014 and all of 2013.

Please note that children born in 2013 can choose between Roys Footy and U8.5.  If choosing Roys, use the link above, if U8.5, please use the “Register Now” link at the top of the page.


Junior Footy

Under 8.5 (Footy 4 Fun program)   Fee $210

                        1st Jul 2011 to 31st Dec 2011, all of 2012 and 1st Jan 2013 to 30th Jun 2013

See note above in regard to children born in 2013

Under 9.5   Fee $300

                        1st Jul 2010 to 31st Dec 2010 and 1st Jan 2011 to 30th Jun 2011

Under 10.5   Fee $300

                        1st Jul 2009 to 31st Dec 2009 and 1st Jan 2010 to 30th June 2010

Under 11.5 Mixed   Fee $320

                        1st Jul 2008 to 31st Dec 2008 and 1st Jan 2009 to 30th Jun 2009

Under 11.5 Girls   Fee $260

                        1st Jul 2008 to 31st Dec 2008, all of 2009 and 1st Jan 2010 to 30th Jun 2010

Youth - Boys

Under 12.5   Fee $355

            1st Jul 2007 to 31st Dec 2007 and 1st Jan 2008 to 30th Jun 2008

Under 14.5   Fee $355

            1st Jul 2005 to 31st Dec 2005, all of 2006 and 1st Jan 2007 to 30th Jun 2007

Under 16.5   Fee $370

            1st Jul 2003 to 31st Dec 2003, all of 2004 and 1st Jan 2005 to 30th Jun 2005

Youth - Girls

Under 13.5   Fee $280

            1st Jul 2006 to 31st Dec 2006, all to 2007 and 1st Jan 2008 to 30th Jun 2008

Under 15.5   Fee $300

            1st Jul 2004 to 31st Dec 2004, all of 2005 and 1st Jan 2006 to 30th Jun 2006

Under 17.5   Fee $340

            1st Jul 2002 to 31st Dec 2002, all of 2003 and 1st Jan 2004 to 30th Jun 2004

Males born before 30th June 2003, contact Senior club re Colts.

Females born before 30th June 2002, contact the Senior club re Senior Women’s.

If you register for 2020 with Wilston Grange and then decide to transfer or de-register, there will be a $50 admin fee as part of the process.

Sibling Discount – Third Child

Wilston Grange will be continuing our sibling discount for the third or fourth child in a single family playing Junior and Youth Football.

Do not use the link in your email from Wilston Grange, this only gives you the renewal details of one child.

Log into your account by clicking on the blue button above “Register Now!”  and use your password (there is a forgot password link available) you can then select the total number of children you are registering under the one email address.

Register all children at the same time by using the scroll down box to state how many children you will be registering, and the online form will automatically discount the third player.

This can be used for both renewing, new and a combination of both.  However, it is only for children registering for U8s through to U17s.  Auskick and Roy’s Footy players are not included in the discount.


Training sessions for all age groups to be confirmed.  Some youth teams have started pre-season training, but players need to be registered for the Age Division Head Coaches to be able to contact you.

Uniform Shop

All new players will need to purchase club socks and shorts.  Opening times for the uniform shop to be advised.

Game Days

Auskick – Saturdays, 7:45am from mid Feb for 6 weeks. 

Roy’s Footy – Saturday mornings starting in May for 10 weeks.

Juniors and Youth

NOTE: The 2020 season starts BEFORE the Easter Holidays.

Juniors – Saturdays with Round 1, 20th/21st March and Round 2, 27th/28th March.

Youth – Sundays with Round 1, 22nd March, Round 2, 29th March, Round 3, 5th April, then Easter Holidays.

There will be some Friday night games in all age groups. 

Exact days and time to be confirmed once the draw has been set by AFLQ.

More information to be provided once available.

Age Groups available at Wilston Grange

Wilston Grange will be fielding teams in all age groups, divisions (Community Cup and Championship Conference) and for both boys and girls.


For 2.5 to 4yrs old to have fun.


Learning the skills of footy in a fun environment.

SuperStars (previously Roys Footy) 

Putting those skills learnt in Auskick into game day formats with modified rules.

Fun4Footy – U8.5 to U10.5

Modified rules to develop skills in an enjoyable environment.  Playing against local clubs with the emphases of playing with friends.

U11.5 Mixed and U11.5 Girls

Still playing in a fun environment but starting the transition to youth rules and regulations.

Youth Football – Boys and Girls U12.5 to U17.5

Introduces internal grading games and a division of Community Cup and Championship Conference competition.  This creates different levels of footy development for both the individual and as a team.

What to know more about the Community Cup and Championship Conference, which are both new to 2020? Click here

Parent and Volunteer Information
The link for WGJAFC Parent Information Website is -- Click here for the Parent's Information Website

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